Fast testing and diagnostics

EcoCare offers a range of solutions under the one roof. Numerous Covid-19 test centres at important locations and a network of partner laboratories make it possible to perform a whole array of diagnostic tests. All our operations are overseen and performed by specialist personnel.


Our EcoCare vaccination programme has been developed in conjunction with partners in medicine and academia. It enables an integrated vaccination solution on a large scale. Our mobile centres are fully equipped, have a tried-and-trusted digital platform and are overseen by trained staff.

Vaccination centres and logistics

Based on our experience in deployments for mass Covid-19 testing, we can also plan, construct and operate mobile or stationary vaccination centres optimally. We take care of all the processes and provide all the workers, including for example doctors, medical staff and administrative staff.

Rapid Care Park™

EcoCare’s Rapid Care Park™ relieves the burden on established healthcare systems during a pandemic. Overburdening healthcare systems leads to a backlog of planned surgical procedures. Simultaneously, the need for capacity in infrastructure and medical staffing grows during a pandemic.

The Rapid Care Park™ – constructed and operated by Ecolog and the RPR Group – offers all services under the one roof. The infrastructure can be adjusted locally based on specific requirements. Operating an intensive care unit or quarantine facility is possible, as are special fit-outs with medical devices (e.g. ventilators, X-ray machines or CT scanners).