Comprehensive and integrated solution for the public sector and private companies.

EcoCare offers a wide range of services and products to a variety of stakeholders worldwide, from governments and the public sector to multinational organisations and the wider business community. These solutions are specifically designed to contain, slow down and efficiently address pandemics such as COVID-19.


With our solutions we clear the way for you. Are you planning a board meeting or staff meeting? You want to test your employees to keep production ongoing? You want to test visitors to be on the safe side? EcoCare offers custom-fit services for a wide range of industries. Discover the possibilities for your company!

Travel & Leisure



Corporate Testing

Public sector

EcoCare is able to provide diagnostic services and vaccination logistics nationwide. Especially when it comes to maintaining public life (e.g. public services, schools, daycare centres), we are your partner of choice. Whether mobile or stationary solutions - we support local authorities and offer maximum support.

Mass testing &

Institutional support