Our corona testing service for you

Corona virus is a serious health hazard. Things thought to be ordinary, such as visiting one’s family, going on a date with friends, or meeting one’s colleagues, can carry risks and require cautious and prudent actions.

We must therefore continue to manage a high level of uncertainty about the impact of coronavirus on our health. Many are fearful of infection, especially if they are part of the at-risk group. Likewise, many are very concerned that loved ones may be affected.

The concern is justified and the Corona test is therefore an important tool in the further containment of the Corona pandemic.

More than 13 million Covid-19 tests conducted across Europe

Thanks to its scalable testing capacity, EcoCare is a reliable partner for the pandemic – with extremely short lead times if needed.

  • Always nearby – a network of over 500 test centres and partner pharmacies for PCR tests and government-funded rapid testing
  • Fast staff mobilisation, fully equipped stationary and mobile laboratories, test centres and vaccination centres
  • Project management that strictly abides by international and national standards and regulations
  • Digital platform for systematic processes

EcoCare Direct

In addition to supporting government offices and institutions with mass testing, we have also established a B2C-based testing service to provide PCR and rapid antigen tests for self-paying clients. Depending on the related country’s regulations it does not require a prescription or code.

Anyone can book and pay for their test appointment online, and then visit our EcoCare Direct test centres at these airports: Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Brüssel, Düsseldorf, Eindhoven, Luxembourg, Hamburg, Hanover, Nuremberg und Memmingen.

EcoCare and its partner pharmacies

Nationwide in-pharmacy antigen and PCR tests, in partnership with the Zukunftspakt Apotheke initiative.

This partnership lets people get tested for SARS-CoV-2 at participating pharmacies.

EcoCare and Schwarz Gruppe – Lidl und Kaufland

EcoCare offers free rapid Covid tests (rapid antigen/lateral flow) in car parks at over 280 selected Lidl/Kaufland branches nationwide, as part of the government-funded rapid testing scheme. Registering for the test is simple and convenient. Anyone looking to get tested can search for their closest location on the website buergertest.ecocare.center, and register on the website or by downloading the EcoCare app.